Eliana Miao loves learning about the world through books. Even before she could read, she always asked to have How Things Work and lift-the-flap books read to her. Based on her own experience, she understands the power that books have to teach and inspire. Eliana hopes to use this power for good by writing from the unique perspective of a kid. You can find Eliana in the Bay Area hanging out with friends and eating yummy food.


Aiden is a kid who wants to make a difference. He loves biking around Palo Alto with friends, playing basketball and Spikeball at the neighborhood park, and spending time with his family and friends in the Bay Area. Aiden likes writing, but enjoys math and physics even more, especially discovering cool science things on the internet. He also loves Teslas. Aiden hopes Everything Tesla, which he wrote with his twin sister, will be fun and inspiring for other kids, too.

Our Mission

Aiden and Eliana hope to get kids excited about science by sharing all the cool stuff Tesla has done. They also want to take care of our world and are inspired by Tesla to make an impact on climate change in their own way.

1% for the Planet

As part of the 1% for the Planet global movement, 1% of all profits from Everything Tesla will go directly to fighting climate change through environmental organizations.