A Lot haS changed since our book was sent to the printers in august 2023. Here are the latest updates!

Tesla released its Model 3 Performance this week—with 396 mi range, top speed of 165 mph, 510 hp,  and 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds! After factoring in the US Federal EV tax credit, the Model 3 Performance starts as $46,490.

As a part of Neuralink’s clinical study, its first real live human patient got a brain implant this past January, called “Telepathy.” The hope is that through this implant, humans can control keyboards and cursors just by thinking it. Neuralink’s first human patient ever is Noland Arbaugh, who now is able to control a mouse around the screen with his mind! The next product for Neuralink will be “Blindsight” which hopes to restore vision to the blind.

Expected to be a revolutionary innovation in manufacturing technology leading to cost cutting, the production of Tesla’s next generation, smaller car—nicknamed “Redwood”—will begin in 2025 out of the Texas Gigafactory. Will this be the mysterious and much anticipated $25,000 car? We know people refer to the $25k Tesla as the Model 2, but we think it will be called the Model 4. We haven’t seen this prediction anywhere else yet, but it makes sense to us because it would be the missing letter in S3XY C4RS!

Full Self-Driving (FSD) version 12 has been rolling out! It’s still in beta, which means it’s in pre-release for users to test, so drivers still need to be alert and in control. But Teslas can make better U-turns now! It uses its neural network (human driving data from millions of frames of real-world video from drivers) rather than using lines of code as rules like previous versions.

The new Model 3 is out in the U.S! It boasts a lower front nose for a profile that makes it more of an aerodynamic and quiet ride. With stronger door structure, new exterior colors, interior LED colored lights, a backseat screen, and improvements in handling and performance, Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen said the new Model 3’s technical and design upgrades felt like a “refined athlete,” taking out the “baby fat.” With these changes, one goal hasn’t changed: safety first!

Since publishing Everything Tesla, Tesla car prices have fluctuated. According to Teslarati and the Kelley Blue Book, Tesla’s average transaction price decreased from $62,350 in 2023 to $49,518 in 2024.